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The China Productivity Center

The Notification for the Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

The China Productivity Center (hereafter the "Center") has obtained your personal information due to the implementation of the “2020 Taipei International Design Award”. The Center will collect, process, or use your personal information under the foundation of respect for individual rights and good faith, and in compliance with the following principles:

IWe have collected your personal information for the purposes of processing participants’ registration, prize payment, taxes, the satisfaction survey, and winners’ certificates; implementing all kinds of publicity, tour exhibitions, compilations, publications, or commissioned publications; and carrying out the Center's internal audit (hereafter the "Collection Purposes").

We only collect your personal information for the Collection Purposes described above. This personal information will be processed or used for the duration of the Collection Purposes and the period as required by the regulations. Your personal information will be stored digitally or in paper format in the Center's database or by the Center's various departments. Paper documents containing your information will be destroyed after the information has been digitized. In case of consumer disputes or claims for casualty, we will also provide your personal information for the institution that resolves such disputes or for the Center's casualty insurance company to handle such cases. For the retention period of your personal information, you can request in writing to exercise the following rights pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act. We will not refuse any requests made in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Act" or other relevant regulations.

(1) Ask questions or request to have access to your personal information.
(2) Request to have a copy of your personal information made for you.
(3) Request to supplement or revise your personal information.
(4) Request to stop the collection, processing, or use of your personal information.
(5) Request to have your personal information deleted.

We are required to collect your personal information based on the reasons as described above. If you decide not to provide the required personal information or the information that you have provided is incomplete, the Center will not be able to provide any competition-related service.